Why Google Reviews are Important for your Pest Control Company Website

Google reviews appear under the company name on the search engine results page. They are prominently placed above the fold, which means they immediately attract attention. Modern customers don’t trust companies that have a low star rating or no reviews at all, which is why you need to encourage clients to leave feedback. Most SEO services in Phoenix include some form of reputation management that can help ensure you have a fabulous online presence. Here are some reasons why this service is necessary:

  1. People Read Reviews of Local Businesses

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, over 91% of modern consumers will read reviews to understand whether a local business is good or bad. They will see what past customers have to say and make their purchase decision based on that. Most people read Google reviews because they show up on the search results page when they type the company name. Some people will even visit platforms like Yelp or Yellow Pages to look for feedback.

Online reviews are similar to word of mouth and social proof, which means consumers trust them more than celebrity endorsements or paid advertising. You need to capitalize on this; hire a reputable company for SEO services in Phoenix and boost your online reputation.

  1. People Trust Online Reviews

The same survey indicates that 84% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Before the advent of the internet, people asked for recommendations and references from their friends or family. Today, people seek out the opinions of strangers online. Most modern consumers will check online reviews even if a friend recommends a service to them.

For example, if a neighbor recommends XYZ Pest Control Service, the consumer will search the company name online and read the Google reviews. This barely takes any time, so most consumers don’t hesitate to double check.

  1. Consumers Are Willing to Provide Feedback 

It isn’t challenging to get honest feedback from customers. Seven out of 10 consumers surveyed by BrightLocal are willing to provide feedback if the business asks. All you need to do is remind the customers to leave a positive review after the job is complete.

You can always provide an email link to make the process easier.

A clear call-to-action on the invoice and business emails can help increase the number of reviews considerably.

  1. Positive Reviews Will Increase Traffic to Your Website

 Most consumers will read around 6 to 10 reviews. If these reviews are positive, they will visit your website without looking at other options. Most other marketing techniques don’t provide direct leads like this. If you have good reviews, your company has already made an excellent impression on prospective clients. You just need to impress them with useful information regarding your pest control services to seal the deal.

Reliable Digital Marketing agency in Phoenix can help you gain good reviews, manage negative feedback, and establish a good reputation online. This can bring in a steady flow of clients to your doorstep. Call us today for a free consultation for developing an effective SEO strategy and get ahead of your competition.

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