What To Know About Keyword Mapping for SEO in 2022?

Auditing a website’s SEO optimization and launching a new brand site demands expertise. You need to optimize the structure and content of the web pages. It’s the point where keyword mapping comes to use. It helps you better position your website to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Don’t know what keyword mapping is? This blog is for you. 

Keyword mapping defined 

Keyword mapping is the on-page SEO tactic to match the target keywords to a particular website structure. It involves selecting the keywords based on SEO research and grouping them into relevant categories according to site structure and content. It refines and revamps the overall SEO strategy. 

Keyword mapping is critical for the overall SEO audit process. In the end, you can make sure all the pages of your website are optimized with relevant keywords. 

Why is there a need to conduct keyword mapping? 

The goal of keyword mapping may be different for every website owner. Here are some of the valid reasons to go through the keyword mapping process: 

  1. Optimize the website SEO
  2. Establish your website authority in the SERPs around a specific set of topics
  3. Build a more robust backlink strategy
  4. Expand online presence into a new area of expertise and want the SERPs to recognize the content 
  5. Correct website audit and SEO tactics
  6. Improve the link building of the website 
  7. Redesign the website and optimize it according to the relevant keywords 
  8. Avoid duplicate content and black hat issues 
  9. It helps to identify keyword gaps and overlap 
  10. Streamline internal linking and bring related pages together 

Getting started with keyword mapping 

Before you start with the keyword mapping process, you must take care of certain things: 

  1. Research keywords that you need to target 
  2. Determine the relevance of every keyword and search intent
  3. Avoid keyword cannibalization 
  4. Identify semantic and natural keywords 
  5. Know potential gaps in your topics and keywords 

Follow the step-by-step guide to conducting keyword mapping 

After considering the relevant points, you can go ahead with the keyword mapping process. Let’s understand what’s successful keyword mapping process looks like: 

  1. Have a clear idea of what kind of keyword research you need to conduct – Know the reason to optimize your site. Make sure you have a clear goal in mind. 
  2. Shortlist the best keyword mapping tool – Explore the keyword mapping tool of your choice. Have an idea of which topics and keywords you want to research. 
  3. Conduct your search based on the primary keyphrase 
  4. Compile the related keywords into the document 
  5. Investigate the keywords that competitors are using 
  6. Organize your keyword research

Once you are done with these steps, you can ensure an optimized keyword mapping process. 

Key takeaways 

Don’t underestimate the value of the keyword mapping process. It organizes your marketing strategy and helps you target the right keywords on each page of your website. Want to boost your site authority professionally? Connect with WSI, the leading digital marketing company in Phoenix

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