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Endless things catch our attention – text, social media scrolling, work emails, news, and most importantly, video content. Video leaves a significant impact on viewers if created skillfully. Why does short video content matter? People don’t have enough time for anything. 

A ten-minute product video with high production values will not yield optimized results. Viewers prefer to watch a minute-long video that’s engaging and looks interesting in the first few seconds. 

Short, sweet, and honest content is a recipe for video marketing success 

A recent survey says, 68% of consumers watch a business or product video with a duration of one minute or less. It says a lot about the relevancy of the content in video marketing. You must ensure that your video is short, crisp, and conveys the message well. 

A good rule of thumb is – Shorter videos are better. It wins the audience’s attention, giving you a high engagement rate in a short time. 

Where you publish the video also matters. Every online platform has its own unique mix of audience. You will find different viewers on channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok. Make sure you optimize your content before posting your video on these channels. 

According to a Facebook study, 47% of a video’s value is conveyed in the first 3 seconds. Regardless of your thirty-second video for Instagram or over ten minutes on YouTube, its success or failure depends on the quality of those first five seconds. 

The phrase “first impressions matter” makes sense for short video marketing content. Don’t forget to optimize the length of your video! 

Tips to create a great marketing video

To make your job easier, WSI comes with valuable video marketing tips. Let’s get started: 

    1. Know your audience 

While planning to cater your videos to specific platforms, you must know your target audience well. It gives you valuable insight into how to shape your video, what tone and style to use, what content to use, and, ultimately, what story to tell.

    2. Maintain transparency in your title and description 

Keep the video’s title and description as transparent and straightforward as possible. People come for a good viewing experience. They expect genuineness and authenticity if they choose to play your video.

Don’t trick your viewers into watching a video that isn’t what they think it is. You will be going to lose them. Keep it simple and straight. 

    3. Use humor 

Humor drives the success of your video. Your audience should find your video interesting, full of humor, and realistic. If created and executed well, you can reap the rewards of high engagement and loyal viewers.

Leverage these tips in your video marketing strategy and skyrocket its success in real-time. For more guidance, WSI is there to help you. 

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