Reports for GA4: How Can ROI Be Measured?

With the upcoming rollout of GA4 (Google Analytics 4) in July, it’s essential for website owners and digital marketers to prepare for the transition. While some may have already installed GA4, there are still those who haven’t made the switch and need professional assistance.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you access reports in GA4 and track your return on investment (ROI) and other key metrics.

GA4 Reports

Google Analytics 4 reporting dashboard and reports are fundamentally changed. Users can create their own reports based on their individual needs using GA4, which offers fewer predefined reports. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about your round data fitting into a square report.

GA4 reports can be categorized into Life Cycle reports and User reports. You can navigate to them by clicking on an overview tab.

The transition from UA to GA4

In GA4, user behavior is analyzed using event-based tracking and machine-learning algorithms. Transitioning from UA to GA4 provides access to enhanced reporting features and more comprehensive data analysis capabilities.

The migration involves implementing GA4 tracking code, mapping existing data, and adapting to the updated data model. With advanced reporting capabilities, this transition allows businesses to gain a more holistic view of their customers and maximize ROI.

See if your Google Ads account is affected

Did your transition to GA4 affect your Google Ads account(s)? It is recommended that you migrate your Google Ads account to Google Analytics 4 if your UA version of Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts were previously linked.

To use Google Analytics audiences for remarketing, you’ll need to import your Google Analytics 4 conversions for bidding and/or add them to your campaigns or ad groups.

What Do You Need To Track and Measure ROI?

Google Analytics 4 utilizes data modeling and machine learning to gather information previously provided by browser cookies. One can continue to report on campaign and website performance without compromising the privacy of consumers. User journeys and interactions across apps, devices, and websites can be measured with GA4 since it unifies data from mobile apps and websites.

While non-Google products, such as shares and comments, must be tracked on the platform they use, GA4 can track customer journeys across apps and websites.

ROI (return on investment) measurement is critical to proving that marketing campaigns are effective. Calculating ROI is easy in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) when you add value to conversions.

The GA4 system measures conversions via events instead of setting goals and e-commerce transactions.

How do you track ROI using conversion values?

Set up conversion tracking. To track a sale or lead, you must create a custom event and convert it into a conversion. In GA4, you can create a new event based on an existing option, or you can configure a new tag in Google Tag Manager.

Send cost data. Adding cost data to your conversation data gives you a better understanding of your return on investment (ROI) and return on advertiser spend (ROAS). To import data from other advertising platforms into GA4, you must first set up data import.

Add value to conversions. Do you want to use a predefined GA4 event to create a conversion? A value should be added to the configuration. Apply an estimated figure to your conversion events if you are tracking conversions for a service-based website.

ROI Tracking Challenges in GA4 Reports

Despite Google Analytics 4’s power, there are some challenges to tracking ROI. A B2B company’s average lead-to-close time is 102 days, while GA4’s maximum attribution window is 30 days. Moreover, it does not track offline transactions, nor do the conversion values change over time.

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