Leverage Social Media To Draw Traffic To Your Website

Social media has evolved from simple online platforms that help people connect with each other to powerful marketing tools that drive traffic to websites. That is because people are now connected to social media like never before, with six billion people expected to be using social media by 2027. But how exactly can you leverage social media to get increased traffic to your website? 

This article will share some tips to help you do so. However, before we get started, let’s first define social media to better understand how it can be leveraged for marketing purposes. 

Social media 

This is a collective term used to refer to online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn) that allow users (commonly known as “followers” or “friends”) to interact with each other by sharing content such as images, videos, and links. The content shared by users can have a wide range of purposes, including entertaining, informing, and engaging others. 

So, how can you leverage social media to attract more traffic to your website? 

Useful tips 

  • Optimize your social media profiles

This means you should have a consistent, high-quality, and keyword-rich profile on all the platforms you use. For example, if you have a business account on Instagram, make sure it has your company’s name, logo, website address, and contact information. The more professional your accounts look, the more likely people are to trust your brand, and the more likely they are to click on your links when you share them. 

  • Create viral content

The term “viral” refers to the quick spread of content that is shared and liked by many people. One way to create viral content on social media is by creating shareable videos or images that people would want to pass on to their friends and followers. 

For example, you could make a funny video of your employees doing something silly or create an infographic highlighting interesting data related to your business. The key is to focus on creating content that people would want to share because it is entertaining, informative, or engaging. By doing so, you are more likely to increase the traffic coming to your website. 

  • Utilize influencers 

Influencers are people on social media who have a large number of followers or fans and are known for a particular expertise or passion. You can leverage the influence of these people to drive more traffic to your website by either paying them or asking them to promote your content in exchange for something. 

For example, if you are a food business, you can partner with an influencer who loves to cook and ask them to make a video of them preparing a dish using your products. This will show potential customers that you are a reputable business and could lead to more people visiting your website.

  • Post consistently 

Consistency is the key to success when leveraging social media for traffic. By regularly posting high-quality content, you will engage a large number of people and keep them interested in what your business is doing. This is because people are more likely to click on a link if they have seen it multiple times and like the content you are sharing. In turn, this will help you draw more people to your website. 

However, it is important to remember not to overdo it, as this could annoy your followers. Instead, aim for a consistent and moderate posting frequency. 


As more people are turning to social media as a source of information, it is important to take advantage of this platform and leverage it to draw more traffic to your website. Doing so will help you boost the success of your business. 

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