Know everything about website design and development

Website design and development determines the success of your online business. Your website allows people to make an opinion about your brand and increase or decrease your sales numbers. 

You need an aesthetically pleasing website that excites visitors about your brand and encourages them to take action. Design and development are the two tools to get a functional website. 

Website design and development: Know the difference 

Web design and development are often used interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between the two. 

  • Website design 

Website design is user-focused. It tells about what a user sees and how they interact with the site. Terms like UI and UX fall under design. 

  • Website development 

It includes all of the coding and programming that goes behind the scenes to make the web design become a live website. Front-end and back-end are a part of web development.

Both work together to make the site helpful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Crucial aspects of website design and development 

To successfully create a great website, you must consider these aspects in design and development. 

  1. User Interface (UI)
  2. User Experience (UX) 
  3. Navigation 
  4. Page speed 
  5. Responsiveness 
  6. Clear Calls to Action 
  7. Accessibility 
  8. Visual Design 
  9. Engagement 
  10. Intuitiveness 

By optimizing your website according to these aspects, you can ensure better conversion rates and ROI. 

Why does website design and development matter? 

Website plays a crucial role in expanding the online presence of your business. It represents your business and leaves a significant impression on your customers. 

Ensuring a great user experience on your website can help you attract the target audience. Make sure it’s quick to load and easy to use and navigate. 

Web design and development are a significant part of your digital marketing strategy. It plays a prominent role in search engine optimization (SEO). Responsive design makes sure your site looks great on various devices. 

Web design and development ensures your site ranks in Google search engines.

KPIs to consider in website design and development 

A well-optimized website is crucial to ensure a good conversion rate. It’s the main KPI that you need to consider. No matter how many visitors you get to the website, if they are not converting, it would be of no use. 

Another KPI is the bounce rate which gives insight into who visits your website and takes no action. A high bounce rate is a signal that your site isn’t useful. 

The last KPI is session duration which lets you know how long visitors stay on your website. Keep these three KPIs in consideration to understand whether your design is successful or not. 

When you launch a new website or revamp the old one, the job isn’t over after initial design. There are a lot of things that you still need to work on. If you want to create a website that delights your visitors and leads to more conversions, WSI-Optimized Web Solutions is here to help you. Connect with the leading web design company in Arizona!

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