How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy?

You can accelerate your brand’s online presence to new heights with video marketing in the digital age. To capitalize on this opportunity, develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy. 

For successful video marketing, consider these five impactful strategies:

Structured data for live streaming

Livestreams can now be marked up using structured data and indexing APIs. Your livestream videos will be more easily discovered in Search and Assistant with these new tools. With this new tool, your videos will appear with a red “live” badge on Google Search.

Improve SEO by adding closed captions to videos

As video content becomes more prevalent on digital platforms, you must stand out from the crowd. You should go the extra mile to understand how your target audience consumes content.

Closed captions can improve the viewing experience for your viewers. With this feature, your video content will be easier to digest for your audience. The more text metadata you add to your videos, the higher your videos will rank in search results. This is an excellent way to boost your SEO efforts.

Utilize website annotations to drive traffic

Video marketers are moving away from heavy-handed calls to action. Marketers can use YouTube annotations to enhance the viewer’s experience without taking away from the video content. You can drive additional traffic to your website by adding annotations to your videos.

With this innovation, you can maximize your video influence without disrupting the natural flow. Using these annotations, you can subtly layer text and links on your site to funnel additional traffic.

This strategy enhances your efforts to excel in the realm of digital storytelling by amplifying marketing goals, engaging audiences, and facilitating viewer engagement. 

Attract viewers with custom thumbnails

Custom thumbnails help viewers decide whether or not to watch your video content. Having well-designed thumbnails acts as a billboard, bringing in more viewers as they click the play button.

Design high-quality thumbnails that accurately represent your content by incorporating a catchy headline or title. You should avoid misleading titles and clickbait when creating video thumbnails and titles. Your video marketing game will be stepped up if your thumbnails reflect the content itself.

Promote additional video content with end screens

Create end cards to promote videos and playlists on YouTube as part of your video marketing strategy to drive additional traffic to your website. In most videos, this unique feature appears toward the end. Your videos will be more likely to be watched if you have end screens that link to similar videos.

Moreover, you can strategically choose which elements you want to include with this feature. Use calls to action that are relevant to each element of the video. On your end screen card, you can also time when certain elements will appear. Find out what works best by experimenting with the timing of the different elements you want to include.

With these five strategies, you can boost your online presence as well as increase engagement, conversions, and overall success with video marketing. Looking for a Phoenix Internet marketing company to get started? Contact WSI- Optimized Web Solutions!

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