How Social Media Helps Draw Traffic to Your Website

Marketing has changed a lot in the 21st century. In the previous century, there were really only three main “channels” to worry about: print, radio, and television. All of these methods cost substantial amounts of money, especially television, and all of them lack hard data. When you created an ad for a magazine or a poster for the subway, produced a 30-second radio ad, or had one play on television, you had no idea how effective it was. You didn’t know how many people consumed that marketing experience, let alone acted directly because of it. And if they did act on it, it was extremely difficult to know which marketing tactic was the most effective.

Today, the internet has changed much of that. Digital marketing and new technologies like social media provide data that is fantastic for data analytics. Now when people watch a video on the internet, read an article and click on a link, you know how many people have viewed, listened to, or read the content, and when they come to you online for business, you even know how they got there!

So what role does your social media play in all this? And is this important enough that you might need social media marketing in Phoenix, AZ? Let’s find out what social media can do for you!

The Keyword Is Social

Of course, social media is not explicitly made to market things, though it has an enormous potential to do so. Social media involves any number of digital platforms, from various forums to websites and dedicated software like Facebook and Twitter. The one thing all these different platforms have in common is allowing people to access each other in some way. Facebook primarily connects people through family and friend relations. Twitter allows anyone to make a statement up to 280 characters in length, while different forums and online communities, such as GoodReads, for example, connect people with common literary interests to virtually meet and communicate.
Proper social media management in Phoenix might seem like an unnecessary effort since this isn’t a pure marketing channel, but that is a serious misconception. In fact, social media can be one of the most powerful marketing forces in the world today! It does this in a variety of different ways, such as:

Cost Effectiveness

Social media has global reach, but is, at the same time, cheaper, with a broader audience than print, radio, and television marketing combined! The cost of a global television commercial is astronomical, but a quick photo of a product you offer is instantly available for the entire world to see on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Social Media Is Interactive

Unlike radio, print, and TV ads, a social media strategy in Phoenix can—and must—be interactive. Social media is about socializing! It’s about connection and interacting with people. So when you make an announcement, post a photo, or even create a video and put it on social media, people can comment, and you must respond to those comments to promote engagement.
The ease of communication means you can build up a relationship with your target demographic, building bonds, answering questions, and even encouraging others to do your marketing for you by reposting, participating, or otherwise redistributing your marketing efforts to their friends!

Useful Data

Finally, social media provides solid, actionable data that can be used to refine your marketing efforts further. Because all of the platforms are digital, every interaction is recorded and available for your data analytics. So you can find out precisely how many people come to your business from Facebook versus Twitter, or that blog posts seem to be more effective than podcasts, or that shorter two-minute videos are getting more views than longer 10-minute ones. In short, you can use analytics tools (most are even built-in to social channels) to find out what’s working best, and what’s not. You can then refine your social media strategy to take advantage of strengths while eliminating weaker approaches. You have the data to back up your decisions! You are not wasting your money again and again on things that do not work.

You Don’t Need to Do It Alone

Smart social media management in Phoenix can be critical to boosting your sales, so why make it an extra, last-minute chore? Like other aspects of your business, it can be crucial to delegate authority, and even to outsource to let localsocial media experts do their thing. That’s where we come in!
All you have to do is get in touch with a digital marketing partner and start planning out what’s the right social media strategy in Phoenix for you. It’s all a matter of budget, organization, and contacting the people who know how to get results!

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