Can Your Customers Find You Instead of Your Competition?

Your website is a great marketing tool that should be attracting a measurable amount of new business and new customers on a regular basis. If it’s not, you will probably need some essential digital marketing strategies to make sure it’s being found readily in search engine result page (SERP).

You can improve your overall website design for better functionality by making sure that it’s fast, easy to navigate, and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

How can you improve your search rankings? Read on for a few ideas about how to get it working for you.

Useful Content

Having quality content is essential for ensuring that your customers receive accurate, valuable information and understand what your business and services are about. It ensures that your website is high quality. Since search engines reward websites that they see as highly valuable, the quality of your content will help with your SEO.

How do you ensure that your content is useful to your customers and partners? This is all part of your market and customer research — you have to have a solid understanding of what they need, and then you can build content that’s specifically directed towards this. Keeping your content concise and with a clear call to action is key here.


One way to improve SEO is by scanning for keywords – that is, the most likely words and phrases that people will be using to search for you. If you have the correct number and positioning of keywords in your blogs, articles and web pages, you’re more likely to be “noticed” by search engines like Google and rank higher.


Another way that you can optimize your content is by ensuring that it is not only accurate but also highly readable. What does this mean? Is it visually appealing and easy for readers to scan quickly? Does the content provide answers for them in a way that is clear and direct? These are all traits of highly readable content.


You may or may not realize already just how powerful, and popular videos are — and this trend isn’t about to stop. In fact, according to HubSpot, 76% of marketers claim that video has been instrumental in boosting both sales and traffic. While it’s not a great idea to clutter your website with tons of video, having just one innovative, informative video as a part of your landing page can work wonders when it comes to informing your customers. Plus, you have the added benefit of using this video on other platforms.


Have you ever heard the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”? This is true in many contexts, and especially when it comes to web content. If you think about it simply, having clear visuals on your website reduces the energy people are going to put into reading. Infographics, buttons, and even unique illustrations placed throughout text can go a long way towards informing and engaging customers.

Structured Data & Rich Snippets

Rich snippets describe a certain type of data markup that can be added to HTML, which makes search engines understand more about your business when they read your page. Rich snippets are the bits of information that you see in the SERP. They give customers more information about your business; thereby letting you stand out in searches. (If these two terms are unfamiliar, we’re happy to explain them!). You can also read this article on rich snippets and structured data.

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