Are you taking advantage of Data Analytics?

Data is now considered a key competitive asset for any business – not only do you need to collect and manage data but to really benefit, you have to analyze and understand it in such a way that applies to your business goals.

If you’ve ever taken a peek at Google Analytics, the sheer volume of information it’s collecting may have intimidated you – and this is a relatively simple interface! Machines are becoming more capable of collecting and synthesizing targeted data, which can be used, in a variety of marketing and business processes, thus improving efficiency and accuracy.

Through machine learning and AI, we are becoming more and more capable of gathering and utilizing data in such a way that it can benefit business – here are a few applications.

Customer Service

Because customers can access anything at the touch of a button, consumer behavior is changing, which means that more and more we need new ways of understanding and predicting how and why they are shopping. AI interfaces can collect large amounts of data in short periods of time, meaning that they can help us understand the buyer’s journey at the speed we need to target marketing.

To this end, companies are increasingly turning to AI-based applications like chatbots to help with customer service activities and improve customer loyalty. This is especially the case for businesses that want to have a 24/7-service presence, for instance. Some companies are even using chatbot features to deliver more personalized shopping experiences.

Decision Making

Ever heard of the Amazon Echo or Microsoft’s Cortana? These automatic personal assistants can take over menial, day-to-day tasks in order to clear up more time on your schedule to focus on business activities.

These are examples of very basic, pre-programmed “tasks” that AI interfaces are currently capable of. But as machine learning in Phoenix, AZ and beyond advances, they will become increasingly capable of performing higher-level administrative tasks (i.e. sorting resumes or calculating salaries) as well as having more complex conversations (i.e., via voice recognition). While of course, we’ll never have them making all of the decisions, there’s plenty of room for them to take on some tasks that acknowledge the use of large amounts of data or even require unbiased decision making.


Platforms available today use extensive networks of data to manage and streamline marketing operations via social networks. They can help you understand and budget for advertising costs, for instance, and even help you and your marketing team understand and measure engagement, information which they can then use to help target advertising campaigns.

Security & Risk Management

Protecting financial assets, securing intellectual property and maintaining excellent digital security systems are some other key areas that analytics can be used. This means that it’s now easier to protect yourself from fraud and even keep an eye on employees.

Are you looking for a data analytics or business intelligence professional in Phoenix, AZ? At WSI, we have extensive experience in helping clients reap substantial business benefits by employing advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI techniques.

Our team at WSI can help you to:

• Assessing your current data inventory and advice on additional data collection

• Analyzing data for business guidance

• Find ways to reduce costs and increase revenue via data analytics

• Understand your competition better so that you can get ahead

There are so many ways to use data analytics in Phoenix, AZ to help your business become more efficient, more competitive and improve your ROI. If you want to learn more about machine learning, AI, and predictive modeling for your Phoenix AZ business, contact us today!

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