5 Things Your Customer Want To See On Your Website Before They Buy From You

A brand’s website is their store. It attracts customers, arouses their curiosity, and compels them to explore further. If the store isn’t presentable, well-organized, and doesn’t provide all the information customers need, they won’t invest in the product. That’s why experts in the field of web design in Phoenix, AZ, take time to understand the customer requirements before they create a portal for their clients. Here’s a look at what customers expect from a brand’s website:

  1. Predictable Design and Format

Every website owner wants their platform to be unique and exciting, but it never pays to play with the layout of the website. Most modern internet users have visited thousands of websites, and they’re familiar with the general design and navigation of sites. For example, they know that clicking on the company logo or brand name will take them back to the homepage.

They are aware that the most important services are listed below the header image in drop-down menus. They also know that the company information is always at the bottom of the page. This familiar format improves the user experience because they don’t have to waste time finding the page they need. You can make the website design unique without interfering with its logistics.

  1. Information About The Company and Products 

What makes your brand unique and different from competitors? What do you offer and how can your customers benefit from your products? What are your story and background? Customers will seek all of this information from the website, which is why it is crucial to make sure your website has a strong brand presence.

Include information about your company. Don’t shy from using a casual tone in your website content. Ensure that the design and brand imagery convey the right message. It influences buyer behavior and helps customers develop a relationship with your company. This is an essential aspect of web design, and can lead to more conversions.

  1. Quick Load Times and Great Performance on Mobile

Google conducted a survey a few years back that revealed customers expect websites to load in 2-3 seconds. The website abandonment rate increases sharply after 3 seconds, which means quick load times are vital.

Modern customers also expect an excellent experience when they visit a site via their smartphones. They expect the buying process to be smooth and quick, which can only happen if the website is optimized for mobile. A web design expert will use a responsive framework to ensure the site works well on all platforms.

  1. SSL Certification

You might have noticed that the Chrome browser clearly states that websites are ‘Secure’ if they have an SSL certificate. This influences buyer behavior because they consider companies with SSL websites to be more reliable and professional. If you want to improve the conversion rate of your website, it is vital to make sure it has an SSL certificate.

  1. Contact Information and CTA

Customers will want an easy way to contact you. The best websites provide multiple ways to get in touch with customer service, and these include chatbots, live chat, email, phone, and messaging.

You also need to place a clear and accessible CTA on all of your web pages so customers can make their purchase quickly. A smooth and quick checkout process contributes towards a positive user experience.

If you’re looking for expert web design in Phoenix, AZ, let us at WSI help you! You can call or contact us through our online form.

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