10 Tips for looking good & sounding good on camera for your next online meeting or event

One thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us is that adaptability is the key to success. With no time to prepare, business owners all over have had to suddenly pivot away from tried-and-tested strategies to the unknown and unfamiliar. This shift has led to the growth of e-commerce and the rise of online meetings, virtual happy-hours, and in-home training.

The world is full of webcam recordings that are dim, distracting, and just plain embarrassing. If you’re taking the leap and moving your event online, you need to make your webcam is your friend. We’ve put together a quick list of webcam and event space dos-and-don’ts that you will want to keep in mind for your next online event or meeting:

1. Raise your webcam to eye level and make frequent eye contact (but don’t stare! That can be just as off-putting as staring off to the side the whole time you’re speaking.)

2. If you’re worried about webcam issues, keep your webcam controls handy during your presentation, so you can stop sharing at any time.

3. Add proper lighting and make sure you’re sitting facing a soft light, like from a window.

4. If you wear glasses, make sure to adjust the monitor brightness to cut the glare on your lenses – and to improve the overall lighting.

5. Remove any unnecessary clutter from the background and showcase your logo.

6. Choose a spot that has excellent acoustics and is quiet for your event duration.

7. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi – make sure you have a wired internet connection for your session. And have at least one backup (cell phone, tablet, secondary laptop) ready, just in case.

8. Invest in the proper mic and headset – there’s nothing worse than having spent all this time and effort on an event, and then finding out your audio is awful.

9. Have a second monitor (or more) for your presentation.

10. Eliminate distractions, and don’t try to multi-task. Be 100% focused and present on your event – your audience will appreciate it.

In Conclusion
With a good topic, a good plan, and our list of tips, your next online event is sure to be a smash hit! Good luck!

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